June 27, 2022

about us

about us

One of the most important priorities in the country’s twenty-year vision document is to achieve a country’s scientific status in the region. In order to achieve these goals and with a comprehensive map of the country, the role of the most important and important research centers, including central law centers, is central. It is a research and training organization under the jurisprudence of the National Forensic Medicine Organization, which as a unique center, links research in the fields of law and community health. The center has 9 scientific groups: Forensic Statistics and Documentation, Anatomy, Forensics, Forensic Genetics, Forensic Clinical Examination, Forensic Science, Forensic Ethics and Forensic Medicine, Forensic Psychiatry, Jurisprudence and Medicine It is a criminal investigation group.


We will be the most advanced and most prestigious forensic research center in the region (Southwest Asia, including Central Asia, the Caucasus, the Middle East, and the neighboring countries), which utilizes efficient and specialized forces with modern technologies to conduct our scientific-research activities. Accuracy and speed are in accordance with scientific principles.


Using the facilities of the Forensic Medicine Organization of the country, this center has specialized laboratory and cooperation of internal and external organizations with the implementation of basic and applied research projects that are one of the research priorities of the organization and in compliance with the ethical principles of theses protection. It has a student and research agenda. In this regard, with the proper dissemination and application of the results, it has promoted executive-scientific and management activities in the forensic medicine organization of the country and is trying to have a good ranking in the annual evaluation of the Deputy of Research and Technology of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education among research centers. Be it.

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